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A leading developer and manufacturer of complete turnkey filling and packaging solutions

Wenzhou  Bowei  Import  and Export Co., Ltd  is one of  the largest  filling and  packaging  machine  manufacturers in  the  design  and  supply  in China.  It is  a leading
developer and manufacturer of complete turnkey liquid and dry products packaging solution of designing, manufacturing, installing and training. Our professional engineer team will design and manufacture machines according to your specific product characters, budget and other factors. All machines are manufactured in an ISO or CE certified manufacturing facility to ensure the highest standard in the industry are met.We offer a variety of filling machines including monoblock rinsing filling capping machines, piston filling machines, net wet filling machines, corrosive filling machines, gravity filling machine, monoblock fill plug capping machines, capping machine including semi automatic capping machines, automatic inline spindle capping machines and rotary capping machines, labeling machines including shrink sleeve labeling machines and self adhesive labeling machines, PET blow molding machines, shrink wrapping machines, water treatment and reverse osmosis system.

Monoblock Rinsing-Filling-Capping Machine

Monoblock rinsing filling capping machines
are used to fill water, carbonated soft drinks,
juice beverage tea, milk and yogurt.

PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine

PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine
PET bottle blow molding machines produce
high quality PET plastic bottles with different
sizes and shapes.

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Shrink wrapping machines wrap packs either
as individual or as collations within a film
shrunk around the products for transit use.

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Shrink sleeve labeling machines apply and
shrink middle, full body sleeve labels or
tamper evident bands on empty or filled

Liquid Filling Machine

Liquid filling machines fill low to high
viscosity liquid products with or without
particulates in plastic, glass, metal or
ceramic containers.

Capping Machine

Capping machines are used to tighten and
secure plastic, metal, twist off, ROPP caps
on different bottles and containers.

Self Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine

Self adhesive sticker labeling machines
place and secure one side, two sides, partial
or wraparound sticker labels.

Water Purification

Water purification is the process of removing
undesirable chemicals, biological
contaminants, suspended solids and gases
from contaminated water. The goal is to
produce water fit for a specific purpose.

Our filling and packaging machines are widely used in the industries below

Our filling and packaging machines are widely used in beverages, food, household products, personal care products, pharmaceutical and biomedical product,
chemicals etc. How to choose a right equipment is big challenge for startup or some customers who want to expand his business. It depends on many factors
including liquid characters, container shape and size, cap geometry and size, speed etc. Monoblock rinsing filling capping machines are designed for water,
carbonated soft drinks, juice, beverage, tea, milk and yogurt, gravity filling machine is suited for free flowing thin liquid, piston filling machine is best for thick liquids
with or without particulates, net weight filling machine is engineered for medium and high manufactured valve liquids, corrosive liquid filling machine is specially
designed to fill corrosive liquids, monoblock fill plug cap machine is ideal solution for vials and small bottles. You may click on any of these links that best describes the
industry you are in.