Our filling and packaging lines widely used in beverage, food, house hold products, personal care products, pharmaceutical and biomedical and chemical industries are tailed to fit your specific industry needs. Complete filling and packaging line comes with every machine you need including monoblock rising filling capping machine for water, juice, beverage, tea, carbonated soft drinks, milk, yogurt, gravity filling machine for free flow liquids, piston filling machine for viscous liquid, net weight filling machine for high and medium manufactured value liquid sold by weight, corrosive liquid filling machine for corrosive liquids, monoblock fill plug cap machine for small bottles and containers; semi automatic capping machine, automatic linear spindle capping machine and rotary chuck capper; adhesive sticker labeling machine placing and securing sticker labels; shrink sleeve labeling machines apply and shrink labels tightly onto containers; Shrink wrapping machine designed to wrap a wide variety of packs either as individual packs or as collations; PET bottle blow molding machines blow designed to produce high quality PET plastic bottles in various shapes, sizes, and colors; Inkjet coder printing date onto containers; Water treatment and reverse osmosis system treating raw water for specific use.

Beverage Filling Machines

Beverage filling and packaging lines are design to fill drinking water in PET bottles, juice, beverage, tea drink, carbonated soft drink, carbonated soda water, energy drink in PET or glass bottles, vodaka, alcohol, whisky etc in PET or glass bottles and milk, yogurt etc in plastic(PP, PS or PET) or glass bottles.

Food Filling Machines

Food filling and packaging lines are designed to fill from water thin liquids to thick liquids in plastic or glass containers. Soy sauce, vinegar, cocktail sauce, spaghetti sauce, edible oil etc are examples of thin liquids, Butter, jam, paste, ketchup, honey, mustard, food coloring, tomato juice, salad dressing, cake frosting, mayonnaise, vinaigrette, catchup etc are examples of thick liquids.

Household Product Filling Machines

Household products filling and packaging lines are designed to fill from low viscosity to high viscosity liquids and even corrosive liquids in plastic or glass containers. Hair shampoo, liquid soap, liquid detergent, hand wash, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, dish soap, bleach, floor cleaner, floor polish, glass cleaner, kitchen spray, face wash, bath cleaner, bathroom spray, car polish, degreaser etc are examples.

Personal Care Product Filling Machines

Personal care products filling and packaging lines are designed to fill low to high viscous liquids in plastic or glass containers. Hair conditioner, hair colourant, body lotion, face cream, skin moisturiser, skin toner, skin cream, cologne, perfume, sun cream, sun lotion, sun oil, nail polish, lip glosses, mascara, essential oil, makeup remover, lip balm, hair styling gel, eye liner, sun screen, hand cream, massage oil, facial mask, mud mask, liquid bubble bath, intimate oil, nail polish remover, dye, shower gel etc are examples.

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Products

Pharmaceutical and Bilmedical Products filling and packaging lines are designed to fill thin to thick liquids from vial to gallon jars made of plastic or glass. Vitamin drink, syrup, cough medicine, lodine, cough syrup, liquid vitamin, liquid stomach relief, nasal rinse, nasal spray, eye drop, contact solution, oral liquid, e cigarette, e liquid are examples.

Chemical Filling Machines

Chemical products filling and packaging lines are capable of filling thin and thick, corrosive or non-corrosive, flammable or non-flammable liquids. Disinfectant, acid, bleach, ammonia, brine, salt solution, paint, solvent, ink, motor oil, alcohol, wax, glue, grease, sealant, saline solution, insect pesticide, table top cleaner, carpet cleaner, concentrated cleaning product, liquid cleaner, varnish, candle, drain cleaner, dye, liquid polish, degreaser, fuel, liquid fertilizer etc are examples.