Monoblock Rinsing-Filling-Capping Machine

Monoblock rinsing-filling-capping machines are fully automatic rotary filling machines integrating rinsing,filling and capping into one and widely used for filling drinking water, carbonated soft drinks, carbonated water, juice, soda water, beer, champagne, cocktail wine, energy drinks, beverage, tea, milk, yogurt, wine, alcohol packed in plastic and glass bottles, jars and cans. Fill-to-level filling for water and non-carbonated drinks, counter pressure filling for carbonated soft drinks, hot filling for juice, beverage, tea, low vacuum filling for milk and yogurt.

Water Filling Machine

Water filling machines are designed to fill bottled water and non-carbonated drink packed in PET bottles ranging from 200 to 2000ml, 3 to10Liters and jars from 3 to 5 gallons, Rinsing, filling and capping of bottles are integrated in one, fully automatic synchronized machine. The sturdy base is supported by adjustable feet and is made with stainless steel sheathing secured to the tubular frame, Contact parts of products are stainless steel and food grade plastic. The state-of-art filling valves are so precise and accurate and give even filling in all bottles. Bottles are clamped at the neck and suspended for smooth operation even with light weight PET bottles. Automatic control and adjustment are made on a PLC controlled touch-screen panel.


Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Machine

Carbonated soft drink filling machines are fully automatic counter pressure filling machine for carbonated drinks in PET and glass bottles or cans integrating rinsing, filling and capping into one. Counter-pressure bottle filling is a method of filling a bottle with pre-carbonated drink with the goal of leaving the drink’s carbonation level intact and without introducing oxygen into the drink. The principle of operation is that a drink bottle is purged of air by flushing it with CO2. Once the air has been purged, the bottle is left pressurized with CO2. Drink is then forced into the bottle counter to the pressure that is there. This counter-pressure keeps the drink’s CO2 in solution. As the bottle fills, the pressure in the bottle increases and when the pressure in the bottle equals the pressure forcing the carbonated drink into the bottle, the flow will stop. By gently releasing the pressure as the bottle fills, a constant flow of drink is maintained and the drink retains its carbonation. When the bottle is full, the carbonated drink is shut off, the remaining pressure released and the bottle capped.

Juice Beverage Tea Filling Machine

Juice beverage tea filling machines are fully automatic rotary filling machines for heated juice in PET, glass bottles, integrating rinsing, filling and capping into one. We have 3 in 1 configuration of bottle washing, juice filling and capping and 4 in 1 configuration of bottle washing, particulates dosing, juice filling and capping. Filling valves are specially designed to allow product recirculation in the tank and in the filling valves themselves in order to keep the constant filling temperature even in the eventuality of a machine stop to sterilize the product and the container and closure. Hot fill products have a shelf life ranging from 6-12 months. With the hot fill technology it is possible to fill at 90°C, guaranteeing a constant filling temperature, filling level accuracy and total product recycling.

Milk Yogurt Filling Machine

Milk yogurt filling machines are widely used to fill refrigerating fresh milk or yogurt filled in PE bottle, refrigerating drinking yogurt in PS bottle and high-temperature sterilizing required products for long life purpose under normal condition without refrigerator like soybean milk, rice milk, long-life flavored-milk product, tea product, acid drink or non-acid drink filled in plastic and glass bottles. 2 in 1 filling and foil-sealing and 3 in 1 filling sealing capping and 4 in 1 rinsing filling sealing capping machines are available.