Service Overview

We provide not only good quality equipments but also good service. Our professional sales representatives are are ready to answer all your questions, assess your requirements and recommend suitable equipments; All parts are are manufactured in an ISO or CE certified manufacturing facility to ensure the highest standard in the industry are met; Critical electronic parts are world famous brand; Assembly is done in accordance with high level standard; Qualified technicians provide professional installation, training, technical and spare parts service.

How to choose filling and packaging machines is big challenge for startup companies or some customers who want to expand his business. If you don’t have idea or you are not sure, Please feel free to contact our sales team. They are ready to listen, assess and finally recommend equipments to you.

During your pre-sales consultation, Our sales team will most likely ask you for the following: 

  • What product to fill or pack
  • What volume to achieve
  • What capacity to achieve
  • What material of container
  • What closure to use
  • What size and shape of your closure
  • What label to use
  • How to pack
  • What dimension or your workshop

If necessary, We will request you send samples to us.

Technical department will join sales team and recommend equipments for your individual application, Our sales team will prepare for a quotation sheet in detail for you including specific machine description, picture, specification, quantity, unit price, lead time, terms of payment, installation, training etc.

An individual project manager will be assigned to be in charge of your project and continually work with you, assessing your specifications and timetable, providing detailed information about your packaging solution, signing contract, monitoring the timeline, quality control, arranging shipping, provide documents, installation and training and technical and spare parts service.

Project manager will be responsible for the following:

  • Assessing your specific requirements and making quotation sheet.
  • Signing contract
  • Arrange production
  • Monitoring the timeline
  • Quality control
  • Arranging shipping
  • Managing and provide documents
  • Arranging installation or training if you need.
  • Technical and spare parts service

Complete manufacturing process is monitored strictly by QC.


  • Before we start manufacturing, technical department will make detailed drawings and documentation as per specification of customer’s desired requirements.
  • Raw material will be strictly inspected by QC.
  • All parts are manufactured in an ISO or CE certified manufacturing facility to ensure the highest standard in the industry are met.
  • Before assembling, all parts will be strictly inspection by QC. Unqualified parts will be returned and reprocessed.
  • Assembling will be done in accordance with our factory’s high standard and procedure.
  • Finish product will strictly inspected by QC. Machine will run one week before packing in wooden case.
  • After machine is tested and qualified, Machine will be wrapped by stretch film to prevent moisture during transit and packed in export wooden case suitable for long distance transportation.


All machines are manufactured in an ISO or CE certified manufacturing facility to ensure the highest standard in the industry are met.

Our shipping agent will provide fast, stable and economical shipping service.


Customers who placed order are eager to receive their goods on time to start their business, It is very important to choose a fast, stable and economical shipping company. For same port of destination, Some vessels are direct, some are indirect. Some are fast, some are slow. We have more than 15 years of export experience around the world and have long time cooperated shipping agent which will provide fast, stable and economical shipping service, what’s more, our shipping agent can also help you to provide different service at port of destination.

As soon as goods are shipped, Our project manager will prepare documents for your clearing customs use. Complete set of correctly described, valued documents will help customer to clear customs smoothly.

In some countries, Description of goods maybe is different for same product. This way, it may be classified in different HS code. Duty is generally collected by HS code. Correct description of goods on the paper for clearing customs is very important.

Generally speaking,Duty is collected as per value of goods on the paper of clearing customs. Less value can be shown on paper to help customers to pay less duty.

For some countries who have agreements with China government may collect less duty if exporter can provide special paper issued by China government like FORM A, CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN etc. In some Asian countries, Importer will pay 20-30% less of duty if exporter can provide FORM A. In some Middle East countries, Importer can pay less duty too if exporter can provide CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN.

In one world, we will do our best to provide complete set of documents to our customer to pay less duty.

We will offer expertly trained technicians to install and run equipment or line and train your operators or customers can send technicians to learn in our factory. And we are ready to give you prompt, continuous technical service and spare parts service when you need after installation and training.


Our technician offers the following service:


  • Installation of equipment or complete line at the customer’s plant
  • Test equipment and complete line
  • Run equipment or complete line by using material to ensure all work well
  • Help customer to perform production
  • Train customer’s operator to run equipment or complete line
  • Train customer’s operator how to perform adjustment on equipment or complete line
  • Train customer’s operator how to resolve equipment issues


Our technician will be in charge of the equipment installation, adjustment and operation training in your plant. all of the activities will be focused on optimizing the equipment to maximize production output and ensuring that the technician will execute routine operations to fully meet production demands.

We will provide technical and spare parts service forever.


In the course of using, You may encounter some problems of running and some parts maybe are worn in the long time running and require our assistance. Our after-sales department is ready for a prompt resolution and spare parts service within 24 hours to minimize your loss. You may contact us by mail or call us, we will send spare parts to you within 24 hours.