Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Shrink sleeve label applicator equipment and shrink band applicator machine are engineered full body sleeve labeling applications, neck and cap banding, tamper- evident applications on a variety of round, square, rectangular & oval container types and shapes with and without contours of plastic, glass and metal which are empty or filled.

Shrink Sleeve Labeler

Shrink sleeve labeler and shrink band equipment apply and shrink middle, full body sleeve labels or tamper evident bands made from PVC, PET/PETG, OPS, or PLA on a variety of empty or filled round, square and oval containers in plastic, glass or metal. It is a perfect solution for industries including beverage, food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, health and beauty, consumer goods, chemical, and other manufactured goods to decorate your products. Each shrink sleeve system includes a sleeve applicator, one or two shrink tunnel modules, a steam generator and a stainless steel conveyor for transporting containers through the system. Label sleeving machine is manufactured with stainless steel, servo motor and designed with servo driven, PLC controlled label drive rollers, cutter assembly, and label shooting wheels to provide accurate and consistent shrink sleeve labeling.


Shrink Tunnel

Shrink tunnels are engineered for the application of heat shrinkable sleeve labels and tamper evident banding. They produce highly consistent film shrink for best-possible product appearance, and lowest-possible energy use. Shrink tunnels are manufactured from dual-wall, heavy gauge stainless steel. This construction specification lets hot air circulate for greatest efficiency, while protecting operators from high heat. Shrink tunnels manufactured by us include infrared and steam types. They can be sequenced and pre- and post- shrink modules can be configured for.