Shrink Wrapping Machine

We offer semi automatic shrink wrapping machine, L type automatic shrink wrap machine and inline shrink wrapper machine used to package bottles, cans, cartons jars, etc or packages within a film that is subsequently heat shrunk around the products or package to create a very tight seal with the package for transit use.

Semi Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

Semi automatic shrink wrapping machine is designed for small operations and startup companies, low cost, easy to use and widely used to pack either as individual packs like carton or as collations applied for products such as bottled water, juice, soft drinks, beer, food etc. Operator place products on the infeed by hand, press START button, products are pushed through the web of film and sealing jaw descends automatically and seals the film around the products. wrapped products enter shrink tunnel where recirculated hot air causes the wrapped products to shrink and tightly confirm to the contours of the contents. After being shrunk, wrapped products are conveyed to cooling station for transit.

L type Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

L type automatic shrink wrap machine is fully automatic industrial shrink wrap machine used to pack either as individual packs like carton or as collations, Applications include transit collation of bottles, jars and canned products and industrial products. Products are fed by side mounted driven conveyor, collated into their respective configuration automatically, the collated products are pushed by pneumatic infeed pusher and passed through the curtain of shrink wrap material and the sealing bar descends to cut and seal film around the products,the next product to be wrapped then pushes the wrapped product into the heat shrink tunnel, In the shrink tunnel, recirculated hot air shrinks the film around the products tightly and neatly leaving two open ends at the sides. the shrink wrapped product exits the shrink tunnel, forced air cooling is used to achieve a tight, secure jacket as a final step in the packaging process.

Inline Shrink Wrapper Machine

Inline shrink wrapper machine is a fully automatic shrink packaging system, it runs at 15-25 packages per minute. It can be incorporated into your existing filling line and comes with in-line feed conveyor, shrink bundler, shrink tunnel and idle conveyor. This shrink wrap equipment is widely used to package bottled water, juice, carbonated soft drink, milk, yogurt in plastic or glass bottles. All processes on the shrink sleeve wrapping machine are controlled by a programmable logic controller.