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2000-3000 Bottles per Hour Water Bottling Machine

2000-3000 Bottles per Hour Water Bottling Equipment

This series water bottling machines have been engineered for start-up companies to pack purified water, mineral water and non-carbonated drinks in PET bottles from 200ml to 1500ml, integrating rinsing, filling and capping into one, which includes 8 rinsing valves, 8 filling heads and 3 capping head assemblies. 2000 to 3000 bottles per hour can be achieved. This small water bottling plant is specially designed to replace inline system. Advantages are the continual motion of rotary filling machine makes it fast apart from inline system, compact construction saves your valued space, monoblock module makes more stable than inline system, quick changeover minimizes down time from one size to the other size, PLC control, all motors are synchronized, easy operation and less maintenance. Operator loads bottles into air conveyor, rinsing, filling and capping are fully automatic.

Water bottling machine works on simple principle. The plastic bottles are loaded on air conveyor manually and fed into rinsing station automatically. A star wheel then transfers the bottles to the neck holding gripper of the rinsing station. Bottles are indexed 180° along the rail, rinsed internally and dripped. Well rinsed bottles are automatically transferred by a star wheel to the filling station, during the filling stage, bottles are picked up by the neck and are allocated under individual filing valve, the fill-to-level valve is so price and accurate and gives even filling in all bottles at same level. The filled bottles are then transferred to the capping station via a star wheel, The bottles automatically move for the capping stage where the caps release from the sorter on to the bottles.The caps are sealed automatically using special capping hands. The entire system is enclosed in a stainless steel/glass outer casing. After the capping stage the bottle are automatically ejected out to the out feed conveyor. The whole equipment is sleek and is capable of bottling various sizes of PET bottles ranging from 200 ml to 1500ml.

Key Features

 Complete set includes air conveyor, monoblock rinsing filling capping machine and discharge


 Compact design saves space

 Heavy duty carbon steel tubular frame makes machine stable and durable enclosed with stainless

steel sheathing secured to the tubular frame

 All parts that contact the bottle and liquid are made of stainless steel or food grade plastic material

 All drive train components located inside machine base to be protected from aggressive

environment, extended life, clean and unobstructed cabinet surface.

 Rinsing, filling and capping are integrated into one

 Unique design bottle neck suspend system makes bottle move smoothly

 Precise and accurate fill-to-level valves give even filling in all bottles at same level

 No bottle, No filling

 Magnetic capping head eliminates over-tightening of caps

 No bottle, No capping

 Fast and easy changeover for various bottle sizes minimizes down time

 PLC control and friendly touch screen HMI interface

 Adjustable speed by inverter

 Easy to operate, clean and maintain


 Infeed air conveyor with Blower

 Outfeed conveyor with tabletop slat chain

 Automatic cap elevator/feeder

Technical Specifications

ModelCGF 8-8-3
Output Capacity2000-3000Bottles/Hr at 500ml volume
Nos of Rinse Valves8
Nos of Fill Heads8
Nos of Cap Heads3
Applicable Bottle DiameterΦ50 mm ~Φ90 mm
Applicable Bottle Height150 mm – 310 mm
Applicable Screw Cap DiameterΦ25 mm ~Φ35 mm
Applicable Screw Cap Height15 mm – 25 mm Screw Cap
Supply Voltage 220/380V 50/60HZ 3PH
Main Motor1.5KW
Weight1800 kgs(approx)
Dimension(Without Conveyor)2100 x 1500 x 2150 mm


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