2000bph Water Line

This series water bottling machines have been engineered for start-up companies to pack purified water, mineral water and non-carbonated drinks in PET bottles from 200ml to 1500ml, integrating rinsing, filling and capping into one, which includes 8 rinsing valves, 8 filling heads and 3 capping head assemblies. 2000 to 3000 bottles per hour can be achieved. This small water bottling plant is specially designed to replace inline system.


4000bph Water Line

This automatic water bottle filling machine is a fully automatic rotary filling machine for bottle water filling and non-carbonated drink filling that are packed in plastic bottles ranging from 200ml to 1500ml, which includes 14 rinse valves, 12 fill heads and 5 cap head assemblies, Speed of 4000 to 5000 bottles per hour can be achieved on this durable and dependable automatic water filling machine.

6000bph Water Line

This bottled water equipment is offered as a fully automatic monoblock rinsing filling capping machine with a high degree of flexibility and modularity, this machine allows compact and effective combinations to satisfy even the most stringent filling requirements, and designed to fill drinking water and non carbonated drinks in plastic bottles ranging from 200ml to 1500ml. This water bottle filing machine includes 16 rinsing nozzles, 16 filling heads and 5 cap head assemblies. 6000 to 7000 bottles per hour can be achieved per hour.