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8000-10000 Bottles per Hour Water Bottling System

8000-10000 Bottles per Hour Water Bottling Plant Machine

This water bottling equipment is a highly flexible, reliable, robust monoblock washing filling capping machine for water bottling and non carbonated beverages packed in plastic bottles ranging from 200ml to 1500ml, which includes 18 washing heads, 18 filling heads and 6 capping heads. 8000 to 10000 bottles per hour can be achieved. This water bottling plant machine is designed specially to simplify bottling lines by combining the bottle rinsing, filling and capping in to a single space save machine to maximize product output. In monoblock filling machine the rinsing, filling and capping process is carried out using a continuous system in a fully enclosed safety chamber. Containers are transferred in the monoblock via modular starwheels in neck-holding mode, hence contacts between containers and components are reduces to minimal to avoid cross contamination. Suspended transmission system minimize downtime from one size bottles to another. Perfect synchronism is obtained from one single machine drive having gear transmission. The machine’s quality and long life is guaranteed by the use of a strongly built structure and choice of high quality parts and components, such as AISI 304 stainless steel as well as food grade plastic materials, critical electronic components, Inverter and PLC controls are made by Siemens, Mitsubishi, Schneider and Omron, pneumatic controls are made by Festo or Airtac.

In-feed air conveyor

In-feed air conveyor is used to convey empty bottles to monblock rinsing filling capping machine by high pressure air from blower mounted on the top, In-feed conveyor is made of heavy duty stainless steel 304 and is adjustable for different size of bottles. Bottles can be loaded onto air conveyor by hand, Air conveyor can also be connected with PET blowing machine or unscrambler.

Rinsing station

Empty bottles from in-feed air conveyor are suspended by a rotary disk and conveyed to rinsing station, the
stainless steel gripper with food grade pad and and fixed nozzles picks the bottles and travels 180° along the stainless steel rail and rinsing pump injects a high pressure jet of water into the bottle for a controlled period of time. The rinsed bottle is then allowed to drip before being re inverted and transferred to the filling turret. Purified, ozonated or disinfected water is utilized to ensure that the incoming bottles are free from particulates and microbial contaminants. The rinse water amounts to approximately 20-25 percent of the water used in the filling operation.

Filling station

After being rinsed, clean bottles enter filling station by a rotary disk, Bottles are positioned on individual filling station and lifted by cam, the filling starts.The tank of the product is made of stainless steel 304, with internal surfaces perfectly smooth and polished, The product level in the tank is controlled by an electronic sensor in order to create a pressurized fill, which is adjustable to minimize the filling time and thus maximize production. Filling nozzles can be either, 2 stage filling nozzles with a fast and slow filling cycle, or single stage. No bottle, No filling.

Capping station

After being filled, The containers are fed onto the rotary chuck style capper by rotary disk and positioned on
individual capping stations. The caps are presorted and fed on the sliding table of the machine. The continuously rotating chucks pick up and secure the caps, then apply the caps to the containers. When the
preset applied torque value is achieved, the magnetic clutch disengages, the chuck releases the cap and the closed container is discharged from the machine.

Cap air conveying system

The style air conveying system uses a positive pressure air system for transport of caps from floor level to
feeder, it replaces the solution with belt conveyor which has been adopted till now in most cases. Jumbled
caps are loaded in the hopper, A motorized flap at the bottom of the hopper discharges the caps into hose, in which the caps are pushed by air and conveyed along the flexible hose to the feeder. A level sensor is
installed in the feeder to control movement of the air conveying system, when caps reach the desired level,
the system stops, when the caps are less the level, the system starts to work.
The air conveying system is used to increase capping efficiency without taking any extra floor space on the
packing line. This feature can greatly reduce your employee’s risk of falling off a ladder, climbing a platform,and loading the sorter from awkward angles. It is also less strain on your employee’s back from carrying the boxes up a ladder. This improves productivity as well as helping reduce labor cost.


 Infeed air conveyor with Blower
 Outfeed conveyor with tabletop slat chain
 Automatic cap elevator/feeder

Technical Specifications

Model CGF 18-18-6
  8000-10000Bottles/Hr at 500ml volume
Nos of Rinse Valves 18
Nos of Fill Heads 18
Nos of Cap Heads 6
Applicable Bottle Diameter Φ50 mm ~Φ90 mm
Applicable Bottle Height 150 mm – 310 mm
Applicable Screw Cap Diameter Φ25 mm ~Φ35 mm
Applicable Screw Cap Height 15 mm – 25 mm Screw Cap
Supply Voltage  220/380V 50/60HZ 3PH
Main Motor 3KW
Weight 4000 kgs(approx)
Dimension(Without Conveyor) 2600 x 1800 x 2250 mm

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