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12000-15000 Bottles per Hour Water Filling Plant

12000-15000 Bottles per Hour Automatic Water Filling System

This drinking water filling machine is fully automatic and high speed monoblock rinse fill cap machine and has proven to be a reliable and effective workhorse for the bottled water and non-carbonated beverages packed in PET bottles ranging from 200ml to 1500ml, which includes 32 rinse nozzles, 32 fill heads and 8 cap heads, speed of 12000 to 15000 bottles per hour can be achieved. In this water filling system, the rinsing, filling and capping process is carried out using a continuous system to achieve high speed output capacity in a fully enclosed safety interlocked chamber. Heavy duty carbon steel tubular base enclosed in stainless steel sheathing makes it stable and durable, Spare parts are processed by CE or ISO manufacturing facility to ensure the highest standards, All products contact parts are made of SS304 or standard food package plastic for hygiene and sanitary standard, PLC control and friendly HMI makes it easy to adjust and run.

Bottle Rinsing Station

Empty bottles from automatic PET bottle blowing machine or unscrambler enter the rinsing position in a continuous motion flow and are inverted to allow access to the mouth of the bottle. In practical terms, each bottle enters a stainless steel gripper plate device with plastic pad, which is installed on a rotary disk of the rinsing module. A bottle is locked in position, and then pivots 180°along a stainless steel rail to be internally rinsed, and then inverted, so the mouth of each bottle faces downwards. Once in rinsing position, a specialized high pressure nozzle sprays the interior of the bottle.

After rinsing and draining the bottle is then turned 180° so that bottle mouth is facing upwards once again. Once complete, bottles are then transferred to the filling module through a star-wheel for consistent positioning.


 The rotary rinse gripper disc is made of high quality 304 stainless steel and food grade plastic, while the rotary bearing is made of corrosion resistant,food grade materials.

 Engineered rinse nozzle placement is designed in such a way as to minimize waste water and maximize throughput.

 Engineered Inner-Gear-Motor and Transmission provide drive to facilitate the rapid speeds necessary to reach optimum production rates.

Rotary Bottle Filling Station

After bottles have been rinsed, they are conveyed to the bottle filler for processing. Bottles enter a second set of stainless steel gripper plates to,once again, be locked in position. Bottles are then filled by way of a high speed,precision gravity filler. This allows bottles to have a very precise and consistent fill level, ensuring your product has the desired look for your market. Each machine is built with a heavy duty carbon steel main frame with stainless steel outer shell. Time tested, gravity filling principles are employed during this operation.

 The water level in the reservoir vessel is controlled by electronic sensor in order to create a
pressurized fill, which is adjustable to minimize the filling time and thus maximize production.
 Filling valves, heads and tank are made from 304 stainless steel
 Special stainless steel fill valves are utilized for long life and accurate filling.
 Filling process is mechanically controlled by bottle elevating cylinders.

Automatic Capping Station

Bottles are held in place by a uniquely designed, cam driven anti-rotational device. The cam mechanism allows nonstop movement of the bottles during the capping process while eliminating back-spin which would otherwise result in inconsistently tightened caps. The rapid capping system is designed to repetitively provide the necessary torque to tighten each cap. Once complete, the finished product will be transferred to the bottle out conveyor in preparation for labeling.


 Infeed air conveyor with Blower

 Outfeed conveyor with tabletop slat chain

 Automatic cap elevator/feeder

Technical Specifications

Model CGF 32-32-8
Output Capacity 12000-15000Bottles/Hr at 500mlvolume
Nos of Rinse Valves 32
Nos of Fill Heads 32
Nos of Cap Heads 8
Applicable Bottle Diameter Φ50 mm ~Φ90 mm
Applicable Bottle Height 150 mm – 310 mm
Applicable Screw Cap Diameter Φ25 mm ~Φ35 mm
Applicable Screw Cap Height 15 mm – 25 mm Screw Cap
Supply Voltage  220/380V 50/60HZ 3PH
Main Motor 3KW
Weight 5500 kgs(approx)
Dimension(Without Conveyor) 3400 x 2700 x 2650 mm

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