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How it works

After filling capping and labeling , Products are transported by side mounted slat conveyor to bundler. the individual items are collated into their respective formats (eg.either 4 x 6 bottles(500l) or in other packaging configurations such as the 3 x 4 bottles(750ml) or 2 x 3 bottles(1500ml). The collated product is then pushed to sealing and cutting station by air cylinder. Shrink wrapper machine commonly use two reels of film which are joined to form a web. The product to be wrapped passes through the web. The sealing bar descends to sealing and cut the film to form an envelope around the package.  


The wrapped products will be pushed into shrink tunnel by the next products to be wrapped, In the shrink tunnel, recirculated hot air shrinks the film around the products tightly and neatly leaving two open ends at the sides. As the shrink wrapped product exits the shrink tunnel,forced air cooling is used to tighten the sleeve wrap to achieve a strong, secure pack ready for stacking on a pallet or placing in a shipping carton.


All processes on the Shrink Wrapping Equipment are controlled by a programmable logic controller.