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Filling and Packaging Line for Water, Carbonated Soft Drink, Juice, Beverage, Tea, Milk and Yogurt

We manufacturer complete water purification and bottling plant, carbonated soft drink production, filling and packaging machine, juice beverage tea making equipment, bottling and packaging machine, milk yogurt making, filling and packing line. Including PET blow molding machine, water filling machine, carbonated soft drink filling machine, juice, beverage and tea filling machine, milk and yogurt filling machine, shrink sleeve labeling machine, inkjet coder, shrink wrapping machine, water treatment and reverse osmosis system.

Bottling water, carbonated soft drink, energy drink, sport drink, soda water, liquid tea, liquid coffee, juice, milk, yogurt, beer, wine, vodaka, alcohol, whisky etc.

Water Filling Machine

Water filling machines are fully automatic monoblock rinsing-filling-capping machines for bottled water and non-carbonated drink packed in PET bottles. Rinsing, filling and capping of bottles are integrated in one, fully automatic synchronized machine. We have capacity of 2000 bottles per hour, 4000 bottles per hour for start-up companies, 6000 bottles per hour, 8000 bottles, 10000 bottles per hour for medium companies and 12000 bottles to 15000 bottles per hour for high speed production.

monoblock 2

Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Machine

Carbonated soft drink filling machines are fully automatic counter pressure filling machines for carbonated drinks(e,g.,carbonated water, spirit, carbonated juice, carbonated beverage, beer, cocktail wine, champagne etc) in PET and glass bottles or cans integrating rinsing, filling and capping into one. Counter-pressure bottle filling is a method of filling a bottle with pre-carbonated drink with the goal of leaving the drink’s carbonation level intact and without introducing oxygen into the drink.

Juice Beverage Tea Filling Machine

Hot juice beverage tea filling machines are fully automatic rotary filling machines for heated juice in PET, glass bottles, integrating rinsing, filling, capping into one. We have 3 in 1 configuration of washing, juice filling and capping and 4 in 1 configuration of washing, particulates dosing, juice filling and capping. Filling valves are specially designed to allow product recirculation in the tank and in the filling valves themselves in order to keep the constant filling temperature even in the eventuality of a machine stop to sterilize the product and the container and closure. Hot fill products have a shelf life ranging from 6-12 months. With the hot fill technology it is possible to fill at 90°C, guaranteeing a constant filling temperature, filling level accuracy and total product recycling.

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Milk Yogurt Filling Machine

Milk yogurt filling machines are widely used to fill refrigerating fresh milk or yogurt filled in PE bottle, refrigerating drinking yogurt in PS bottle and high-temperature sterilizing required products for long life purpose under normal condition without refrigerator like soybean milk, rice milk, long-life flavored-milk product, tea product, acid drink or non-acid drink filled in plastic and glass bottles. Available are 2 in 1 monoblock filling and foil-sealing machine, 3 in 1 filling, foil sealing, capping machines or rising filling capping machine and 4 in 1 rinsing filling sealing capping machine.


PET Blow Molding Machine

PET blow molding machines are designed to produce high quality PET plastic bottles in various shapes, sizes, and colors for water, juice, carbonated drink, milk or yogurt etc. Available are semi automatic PET blowing machines which are the most cost-effective solution for mass production of bottles and jars for small and medium scale factories and fully automatic PET blow molding machines which are a new generation of automatic stretch blow moulding machines for mass production of PET bottles and jars, Ideally suitable for medium and large scale factories and for applications where stringent quality requirements have to be met.


Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Shrink sleeve lablers apply and shrink middle, full body sleeve labels or tamper evident bands made from PVC, PET/PETG, OPS, or PLA on a variety of empty or filled round, square and oval containers in plastic, glass or metal to decorated your products. Complete machine comes with shrink label applicator, shrink tunnel, steam generator, conveyor and motor. For start-up and small scale companies, customer can choose to buy shrink tunnel(steam or electric heated) only and insert labels onto bottles by hand to save budget.

shrink wrapping machine

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Shrink wrap machines are designed to wrap a wide variety of packs either as individual packs or as collations applied for products such as bottled water, carbonated soft drink, juice, milk or yogurt, beer etc for transit use etc, which uses either one or two reels of film to enrobe a product or groups of products with a loose piece of film which is then shrunk tight by the application of heat. We have semi automatic shrink sleeve wrapping machine for start-up and small scale companies, L type automatic shrink wrap machine for medium production and inline shrink wrapper for high speed production.

water treatment

Water Treatment and Reverse Osmosis

Water treatment and reverse osmosis water system is a highly effective water treatment process for reducing up to 99% of dissolved mineral salts, organics, and other particles by forcing water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. The process is named “reverse osmosis” because it is the opposite of the natural osmotic process, where water from a solution with a low concentration of dissolved solids travels through a membrane seeking to dilute a higher concentration solution.