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Fully Automatic PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine

We manufacturer a wide range of fully automatic PET bottle machine including 3-cavity automatic PET bottle blow molding machine with capacity 2500 bottles per hour, 4-cavity economical automatic PET bottle blow molding machine with capacity 4500 bottles per hour, high efficiency 4-cacity automatic PET blow moulding machine with capacity 5500 bottles per hour, 6-cavity automatic PET bottle manufacturing machine with capacity 7500 bottles per hour and 8-cavity automatic PET bottle blowing machine with capacity 10000 bottles per hour.


2500BPH 3 Cavity Stretch Blow Molding Machine

This stretch blow molding machine is a fully automatic PET stretch blow molding machine specially designed by our company, The bottle making process is done fully automatically eliminating costly labors and reducing cost of power consumption. It is best partner of bottled water filling line with capacity of 2000 to 3000 bottles per hour. Compared with semi automatic PET blow molding machine, Cost of 3 labors will be saved and power consumption will be only half by using this machine. It can produce bottles up to 1.50 liter with capacity of 2500 bottles per hour which is 3 times of semi automatic PET blowing machine and machine cost is less than 3 times.


4500BPH 4 Cavity Economical Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machine

This economical automatic PET stretch blow moulding machine is suitable for small and medium bottle makers and drinks manufacturer worldwide to produce their own bottles. Features are compact design helps you save high valued space, fully automatic bottle making process helps you to save high labor cost and power consumption, low budge is affordable for most of bottle makes and drinks manufacturers. This automatic PET stretch blow moulding machine can works standalone and can be incorporated into your existing filling line. Standard machine comes with automatic preform elevator, monobloc preheater and blow molder with capacity 4500 bottles per hour at 500ml bottles. Accessories of air compressor, air filter, air dryer, industrial chiller are for option. This plastic blow moulding machine has the ability to produce PET bottles from narrow neck to wide mouth ranging from 50ml to 1500ml.


5500BPH 4 Cavity High Efficiency Automatic PET Bottle Machine

4 cavity high efficiency automatic PET bottle machine is a new generation of fully automatic and versatile machine for mass production of PET bottles with latest technology. This automatic PET bottle making machine has the ability to produce 5500 bottles per hour at 500ml ranging from 50ml to 2000ml widely used for industry of bottling water, juice, carbonated soft drink, dairy, food, household, cosmetics, person care, pharmaceutics and so on. This plastic bottle machine is manufactured with heavy duty tubular frame, Siemens PLC control, Siemens touch screen HMI, equipped with Switzerland EUGEN SEITZ blowing valves for fast speed and low noise, USA MAC solenoid valves, specially designed Mitsubishi servo motor driven robot device loads heated preforms into moulds from heater more faster and stably than pneumatic robot device. It is idea PET bottle making solution for small and medium sized bottle makers and drinks manufacturers worldwide to produce their own bottle.